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This section is about me, Virna Rossi, author of the book “Inclusive Learning Design” and author of this website.

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As a child, if someone asked me: ‘What will you be when you grow up?’ I would answer: ‘I want to be a teacher’. I have always been a people’s person interested in the learning process, in the development of others and how I can support that development.

I am very passionate about my job. I have a humanistic view of education. I believe in one human race and that we all share and should look after this planet. I would like each student to have a chance, the best chance of success.

I have been a teacher since the year 2000, and I have taught in all educational settings: Primary, Secondary, College (FE), Adult Education, Higher Education (university).

My primary specialism is Languages: English, Italian and French. After completing my PGCert (Greenwich University) in 2004, I also became involved in the delivery of some of its modules and I realised that teacher education was my ‘call’. From then on, my roles became more and more geared towards teacher education. After completing the Master of Teaching (MTeach) in 2007 at the IoE, now part of UCL, London (UK), I further qualified to become an ‘Assessor’ (2009) so as to take a role as MTeach module lecturer at the IoE, until 2016 when I joined Ravensbourne where I currently lead the PGCert in Creative Courses.

I am interested in all things education but I am particularly passionate about making learning design intentionally inclusive which is why I wrote a book on it, to explain my very own approach to inclusive course design.