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What the “Inclusive Learning Design” book is about

How can you design more inclusive learning experiences and environments? How can you overcome some of the challenges of designing and implementing more inclusive learning?

You will find the answers to these questions and much more in my dynamic new text. Asserting that good teaching is inclusive teaching, it demonstrates how university modules and courses can be designed so that each student, regardless of their complex diversity, is valued equally.

Drawing from the contributions of over 80 experts and colleagues alongside my own extensive experience, I explore how to intentionally embed inclusivity at the point of course design and how to set up, run, assess and evaluate inclusive learning environments and experiences. Following a unique ‘roots to shoots’ journey through an inclusive learning design tree, chapters focus on five dimensions:

  • Values
  • Context
  • Content
  • Assessment
  • Evaluation

An accessible and practical guide for higher education course design, my book is a must read for higher education educators looking to be more inclusive in the way they design and offer learning experiences.

In this companion website you’ll find many additional resources directly linked to the five book sections such as extended contributor bios, more case studies, key concepts and background, an ‘inclusive learning design’ checklist and glossary.

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Rossi, V. (2023). Inclusive Learning Design in Higher Education – A Practical Guide to Creating Equitable Learning Experiences. London: Routledge