Section 4: Assessment


The full title of this section is: Learning Assessment – Output and feedback

After addressing values (Section 1), contextual analysis of the environment and of the students (Section 2), and more inclusive content (Section 3), this section addresses one of the most critical areas of teaching and learning: assessment.
This section discusses three interrelated approaches:
Chapter 7 ‘Choice, voice and authentic’ is about the way we promote students’ agency through the design of outputs useful beyond the course.
Chapter 8 ‘Reflective and formative’ is about developing the key capabilities of self-reflection and self-regulation through formative tasks for students to gauge the quality of their own progress.
Chapter 9 ‘Self-and peer assessment and feedback’ is about developing students’ metacognition, inner feedback voice and peer learning throughout the course, not simply at the end of it.


Please check the YouTube channel which hosts some of the videos that the contributors have made to support their case study narrative.